Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club

is located just outside of Siletz, Oregon just off of Highway 229. For you shotgun and archery lovers, we have that too!  BTRPC is a non-profit 501(c)(7), that is run by a handful of devoted firearms enthusiasts.  We are always looking for new members and dedicated men, women, and children to get involved in our happenings.

Please enjoy the website, and come visit us at one of our monthly meetings held at 1900 hours on every 3rd Monday of the month at The Timbers Restaurant and Lounge meeting room in Toledo.

  • 500 Meter Rifle Range
  • 25 Yard Pistol Range
  • 50 Yard Archery Range
  • Covered Shooting Shelters
  • Classroom Facility
  • Regularly Scheduled Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Shoots

Please download and review the rules:


When you sign the Waiver and Release of Liability each year with your membership application, for both new and renewal members, you sign indicating that you understand these rules, know what they mean and will abide by them. Your membership may be revoked for breaking these rules.


John Way

(541) 272-7243
Email me


Walt Heller

(541) 336-2907


Rich Fix

Email me


Earl Agee

(541) 994-2437
Email me


Bill Henderson

(541) 609-1021


Mike Carey

(931) 206-5493
Email me


Dave Boyce

(541) 336-2936

All members in good standing are welcome to submit items for sale, trade, or in search of, at the Trading Post.

In general, items should be of relevance to the membership of this club.  The following listing rules apply:

  • Items listed must be legal to own, sell or purchase in Oregon.
  • Inform us promptly by emailing Email me when your item sells or needs to be removed for any reason.
  • Listings must include adequate description and contact information.
  • Up to 4 photographs may be included for each item listed.
  • No services, no retail items, no consignment or auction items, no “street legal” motor vehicles, no real property will be listed.
  • Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club is NOT A PARTY to any transaction occuring as the result of a listing on this website.  No warranties are implied on listed items and no guarantees are made on any financial instruments used in transactions.  “Buyer” and “Seller” are the only liable parties to any transaction occuring as a result of listings placed on this website.
  • Oregon law requires a background check be conducted when a firearm is transferred.  Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club is not responsible for background checks on firearm transfers completed as a result of listings placed on this website.  “Buyer” and “Seller” are the only responsible parties for such background checks and transfers.

FSoT = For Sale or Trade
FSO = For Sale Only
FTO = For Trade Only
ISO = In Search Of


FSO - Electronic Earmuff (11/10/2019)

FSO - 45acp, .44mag, .44special, and .50bmg Brass (3/4/2017)

FSO - 9mm Brass (3/4/2017)

FSO - 40 S&W Brass (3/4/2017)

FSO - 2014 Bear Archery Outbreak Compound and Accessories (2/04/2016)

FSoT - Magpul Minus 5 Round Limiter, Black (MAG285-BLK) (1/28/2016)

FSoT - Magpul ACS Stock, MilSpec, Olive Drab (MAG370-ODG) (1/28/2016)


Please submit your listing via email to Email me.
Include all of the below information along with any photos you wish to use.  Please keep file size of photos to a maximum of 4MB each.  File types accepted: .jpg .jpeg .png .gif .bmp .tif .tiff .pdf

Thank you.



  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number


  • Type of Listing
        FSoT (For Sale or Trade)
        FSO (For Sale Only)
        FTO (For Trade Only)
        ISO (In Search Of)
  • Title
  • Price
  • Details/Description
December 11
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
Rifle range closed 1-4pm.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey
December 13
Oregon State Police
Night and Low Light Training
All ranges closed after 3pm.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey
December 14
N.S.S.F. Rimfire Challenge
Public welcome, 9am start.
FREE .22 LR Ammo for Kids!
Rifle range closed all day.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey
December 14
CHL Range Session
Logical Response, LLC
Pistol range 3-5pm.
Range is open and shared.
Contact: Chris Miller
December 29
End the Year with a BANG!
Members & guests, 9am start.
Rifle range closed all day.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey
January 4
Work Party
All ranges closed until 3pm.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey