Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club

is located just outside of Siletz, Oregon just off of Highway 229. For you shotgun and archery lovers, we have that too!  BTRPC is a non-profit 501(c)(7), that is run by a handful of devoted firearms enthusiasts.  We are always looking for new members and dedicated men, women, and children to get involved in our happenings.

Please enjoy the website, and come visit us at one of our monthly meetings held at 1900 hours on every 3rd Monday of the month at The Timbers Restaurant and Lounge meeting room in Toledo.

  • 500 Meter Rifle Range
  • 25 Yard Pistol Range
  • 50 Yard Archery Range
  • Covered Shooting Shelters
  • Classroom Facility
  • Regularly Scheduled Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Shoots

Please download and review the rules:


When you sign the Waiver and Release of Liability each year with your membership application, for both new and renewal members, you sign indicating that you understand these rules, know what they mean and will abide by them. Your membership may be revoked for breaking these rules.


John Way

(541) 272-7243
Email me


Walt Heller

(541) 336-2907


Rich Fix

Email me


Earl Agee

(541) 994-2437
Email me


Bill Henderson

(541) 609-1021


Mike Carey

(931) 206-5493
Email me


Dave Boyce

(541) 336-2936

Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club requires private firearms instructors to register with the Board of Directors before commencing any training on Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club property.  For information and a full list of requirements, see this NOTICE TO ALL FIREARMS INSTRUCTORS.

The following certified firearms instructors have registered with Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club to conduct training on our property.  Feel free to contact any of them directly with your specific questions.


Logical Response, LLC

Chris Miller, (541) 272-1770

  • Training for police, military and law abiding citizens.
  • Multi-State Concealed Handgun License Training.
  • Interactive, life-sized, video range simulator system in our classroom.


Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club is the home training range for several local law enforcement agencies.  Benefits of having training arrangements with law enforcement agencies include preferred status and priority in many grant considerations, good community relations and increased opportunities for exposure.


Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

225 West Olive Street
Newport, OR 97365
Main Sheriff's Office and Jail: (541) 265-4277
Non-Emergency Dispatch: (541) 265-4231
Animal Shelter: (541) 265-6610
Support Services (Civil): (541) 265-4915
Support Services (Records): (541) 265-4912
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office


Oregon State Police

Newport Area Command
P.O. Box 947
52 NE 73rd Street
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 265-5354
Fax: (541) 265-8243
Oregon State Police - Regional Offices


Toledo Police Department

250 W. Hwy. 20
Toledo, OR 97391
Phone: (541) 336-5555
Fax: (541) 336-2123
Toledo Police Department


Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club supports, and/or receives support, from several other non-profit entities.  Membership, donations, and participation in the activities of these deserving organizations is encouraged.


Friends of NRA

Friends of NRA is the grassroots fund-raising program of the National Rifle Association.  The program fosters community involvement, raises money, and gives 100 percent of the net proceeds to qualified local, state, and national programs.  Working with the NRA's field staff, Friends of NRA is run by local volunteers at the chapter level who organize committees and plan events in their communities.  Monies raised at these events go to The NRA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club has been the recipient of several Friends of NRA grants for range projects and improvements.  The local chapter of Friends of NRA is run by Sam DuVall, who works tirelessly to put on an annual banquet and auction, typically the first Saturday in August.  Sam also participates in many local events and trade shows by leasing and manning booth space to get out the NRA message and raise funds through raffles.

Sam DuVall
PO Box 407
South Beach, OR 97366
Phone: (541) 867-6333
Email me
Friends of NRA - Oregon


Oregon Hunters Association

Since being conceived in February 1983, the Oregon Hunters Association's primary goals have been to enhance wildlife habitat, ensure a huntable wildlife resource, and to protect hunter's rights.  The first year, 1700 members were signed.  Membership has since grown to more than 10,500 in 25 chapters statewide.

Activities of the Oregon Hunters Association include a headline program called Turn in Poachers (TIP), that is sponsored statewide and includes a reward program funded by donations, restitutions, and other means.  Each chapter of OHA participates in habitat and wildlife projects pertinent to their area of the state.  OHA also provides a lobbyist to the State Legislature to protect and enhance hunter's rights, attend meetings of the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and other government agencies and private organizations as assigned.

Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club is the host range for several Oregon Hunters Association events and shoots, and many active members of Big Timber are also active members of the OHA.  The Lincoln County Chapter of OHA meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Izzy's restaurant in Newport.  Regular guest speakers make the OHA meetings very informative and well worth the time.

Tom Zandoli
Lincoln County Chapter President
495 Golf Course Dr.
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 265-7466
Email me
Oregon Hunters Association


Oregon Firearms Federation

The Oregon Firearms Federation has been fighting for the rights of Oregonians at both the state and local levels since being formed in 1998.  Along the way, OFF has fought and won quite a few battles and tirelessly acts as watchdog and lobbyist in the Oregon State Legislature, as well as local municipalities within the state.

A multi-faceted organization, the Oregon Firearms Federation has both a 501(c)(3) non-profit element known as the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation (OFEF) and a political action committee known as OFF-PAC.  Both of these organizations within OFF are able to provide supporters who donate money with tax benefits.  Monetary donations to OFEF are tax deductible, while monetary donations to OFF-PAC of up to $50 per person ($100 per married couple) qualify for a direct tax credit on Oregon income taxes.

Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club, as well as many individual club members, supports the Oregon Firearms Federation and their efforts.  You may sign up for OFFs email alerts whether you choose to support OFF with a monetary donation or not.  Visit the Oregon Firearms Federation website linked below or ask a BTRPC Director for more information.

PO Box 556
Canby, OR 97013
Phone: (503) 263-5830
Email me
Oregon Firearms Federation


Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club would like to thank the proprietors of the retail shops and business services that continually support us in many ways.  We are grateful for their donations of time, money, supplies, etc. and are happy to support them with our business and recommendations.


Dolphin Construction

Jim Patrick of Dolphin Construction provided most of the labor during the summer of 2015 to build the shooting shelter at the pistol range.  There's simply no way this project would have gotten done as quickly as it did without Jim and his crew.  Thank you Jim!

Dolphin Construction General Contractors

319 SW 10th St.
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 265-6275


Wesley's Trading Post

Wes Bullock of Wesley's Trading Post provides many services and volunteer hours to us each year.  These include printing and copying our club newsletter, every month, a cost he pays out of his own pocket, saving the club lots of money!  Wes also accepts applications for the club and distributes range keys to members at his centrally located retail store.  Additionally, he allows our club to use his retail location as an unofficial “Lost & Found” and a meeting space for the Board of Directors.  Thank you Wes!

Wesley's Trading Post in Newport carries firearms, ammunition, reloading and shooting supplies.  Other lines of merchandise include lapidary equipment and general supplies, new and used.  Please stop in and see what Wesley's Trading Post has to offer.

136 SE 1st St
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 265-4556
Email me


Alan Brown Tire Center

Alan, Ken and Tad Brown of Alan Brown Tire Centers, DBA Les Scwhab Tire Centers, in Newport and Toledo buy those delicious turkeys and hams for us each year for our annual Turkey Shoot.  The holidays wouldn't be the same without this tradition!  Thank you Alan, Ken and Tad!

Alan Brown Tire Centers in Newport and Toledo have more to offer than just tires and wheels…  As part of the Les Schwab Tire Centers chain, they also specialize in brakes, batteries, shocks and struts, oil changes and alignment service, etc.  Please consider Alan Brown Tire Centers for your automotive needs.

Two Locations to serve you:
1155 SW Coast Hwy
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 265-6604

415 NW A Street
Toledo, OR 97391
Phone: (541) 336-1611


PRP Private Security

Mark Cummiskey of PRP Private Security provides security services at the range, both during and after hours, as part of his regular patrols.  Thank you Mark!

PRP Private Security provides the following services for a wide clientele: Residential and commercial security; Post and patrols; Uniformed and plain clothes under cover; Courier services; Personal protection; Employee separations; Domestic standbys; Personal property retrieval; EM services and consulting.  Please consider PRP Private Security for your security needs.

J. Mark Cummiskey, DPSST 66252
Armed / Unarmed / Executive Manager
PO Box 858
Siletz, OR 97380
Phone: (541) 270-3346 (24 Hours)


Lieder Construction

Ted Lieder of Lieder Construction sponsors deserving families and individuals with an annual membership to the Big Timber Rifle and Pistol Club range.  This is a fantastic opportunity to have available to us.  For more information on sponsorships, please visit our Membership page.  Thank you Ted!

Lieder Construction General Contractors fulfill many projects including residential additions, remodeling, kitchens, baths, exteriors, decks and fencing, as well as commercial office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, interiors, finish outs and new construction.

1226 NW Grove St.
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 264-8498


Make your own target stands  It’s easy and you don’t have to worry about what’s available at the range.


December 11
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
Rifle range closed 1-4pm.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey
December 13
Oregon State Police
Night and Low Light Training
All ranges closed after 3pm.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey
December 14
N.S.S.F. Rimfire Challenge
Public welcome, 9am start.
FREE .22 LR Ammo for Kids!
Rifle range closed all day.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey
December 14
CHL Range Session
Logical Response, LLC
Pistol range 3-5pm.
Range is open and shared.
Contact: Chris Miller
December 29
End the Year with a BANG!
Members & guests, 9am start.
Rifle range closed all day.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey
January 4
Work Party
All ranges closed until 3pm.
Contact: John Way or Mike Carey